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You can contact the VCFSEF by phone at

1.855.800.8237 or by email at

[email protected]

A word about our support groups. . .

The support groups are established to aid parents and family members in dealing with and learning about the many facets of caring for a person with Velo-Cardio-Facial Syndrome. The groups are educational and supportive in nature. 

Support groups are NOT medical service providers, nor do they give medical advice or opinion. Medical advice should be obtained ONLY from a qualified medical professional. If the support group or person you choose does not have knowledge of qualified medical professionals in your area who are familiar with VCFS, please contact the Foundation Office and we will attempt to direct you, if possible, to someone in your area.

Support Group information is updated as often as new ones are established.  If you don’t find one in your area, please contact the Foundation Office with your request. Also, if you have information regarding a support group that we have not listed, please notify us immediately.