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Change in News & Update Vendor



Change in e-News Provider

VCFSEF, Inc has changed our email service provider for our newsletter and VCFSEF news updates.


If you haven’t, YOU WILL receive an email requesting you to verify your email subscription.  You MUST verify your subscription, or you will no longer be on our update list.  This is a required step imposed by this vendor to comply with the Federal Canned SPAM act, to help ensure that you are not receiving unsolicited email from the Educational Foundation.

Additionally, if you have spam filtersespecially AOL members — please make sure that you include [email protected] and [email protected] are authorized email addresses to send you information.

This company aggressively guards against it’s users sending SPAM.  If you wish to be removed from our list, please click the link on the bottom of your email from “[email protected]” to immediately be unsubscribed from our list. 

AOL members have a SPAM button on their email programs.  Please DO NOT click the spam button to be unsubscribed.  It will:

  • send a spam report to AOL, who forwards it to our vendor.
  • When that happens, our vendor will remove your email address from it’s servers and
  • your email address will be placed on a global list and you will never receive email from this service again, and your email address will NOT be able to re-subscribe.

Thank you for your cooperation.  Have a great day.