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For your
convenience, the VCFS Educational Foundation, Inc will accept your donations, membership
dues payment, and conference registration using

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By making a gift today, you’ll make it possible for the VCFS Educational Foundation to move forward—to reach every continent.  To plan for paid professional staff who’ll answer your growing calls for help.  To provide website access in multiple languages.  To advocate for funding for VCFS research, treatment and education services.  To make a difference.

Simply click on the cart items below:

 President’s Circle   $ 5,000.00

 Director’s Circle   $ 3,000.00

 Founder’s Circle   $ 1,000.00

 Benefactor   $   500.00

 Partner   $   250.00

 Friend   $   100.00



New Membership

1.   Download and print the membership form.
2.      Complete and mail the paper
form to address on the form.
3.      Use buttons below to select membership type
4.      Complete the credit card transaction, and print a copy for yo
ur records.

Renewal Membership

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CONTRIBUTIONS of $5.00 are also accepted for the Caitlin
Lynch Memorial Fund
which provides partial scholarships
for our annual meeting, and/or the Lipson Memorial Fund,
which specifically helps members from Australia to attend
our annual meeting.  Additionally, you may choose an
independent donation level, if you so desire.

Optional Contribution:

Caitlin Lynch Memorial Fund

Optional Contribution:
Lipson Memorial Fund

Optional Contribution:
Amanda McPherson Memorial Fund

Optional Contribution:
Kidz Zone

( you determine amount )