1st International Walk for Awareness

1st International Walk for Awareness

February 11, 2011 and February 12, 2011
Malls Across America and Internationally
Raise Awareness of VCFS
Raise Donations to VCFSEF


Online Sponsor Payment

Walk in your local mall to raise awareness about VCFS (aka 22q11.2 deletion – like the date).  Walk as an individual or organize a group with your friends, kids, and relatives!

Requested entry fee: $22.11
All walkers who register and pay the entry fee by 11:59 PM on January 31, 2011 will receive a VCFS Educational Foundation tee-shirt to wear proudly while they walk. Each tee shirt will come with some brochures to distribute to onlookers while you walk.

In addition, each walker can get sponsors – someone to make a donation for each lap around the Mall, or for each 15 minutes you walk, or just for the fact that you are participating. Sponsors may give you their donations (checks payable to the VCFS Educational Foundation) or may sponsor you via a link on our website (credit cards).

Send a story and pictures of your walk or your group walking for the spring newsletter.

Which Mall will see the largest number of walkers?
How many countries will have Mall walkers?
Who will walk the longest distance?
Who will have the most sponsors?
Who will be the first to register?
How many tee-shirts will we mail out?
How much money will we raise?
…and most Importantly…how many people will hear about VCFS for the first time because you took a walk?

Questions? Email [email protected] or call 214.360.4740.

  We have walkers in 18 cities , 12 states and 3 countries!!!!!

Torrance, California
Modesto California
Tampa, Florida
Brandon, Florida
Sebring, Florida
Gainesville, Georgia
Schaumburg, Illonois
Gaithersburg, Maryland
Short Hills, New, Jersey
Bridgewater, New Jersey
Albany, New York
Johnson City, New York
Salem, Oregon
Butler, Pennsylvania
Aiken, South Carolina
Grapevine, Texas
Paris France
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Walkers alert: please read the following:

1. NO soliciting of donations from onlookers or passersby. You are wearing a shirt and are a “moving billboard.” That is the Awareness Campaign.
2. Funds will be raised by your entry fee ($22.11) and donations from your sponsors. That is the Fundraising campaign.
3. If more than a few people are walking, please contact the Marketing Manager (or similar) at the Mall to alert them to your plan and be sure they know you are not soliciting. Otherwise, you might be stopped by mall security personnel for creating a disturbance, or similar. Please do not take any chances. Tell them you have information brochures to give INTERESTED people, not to “force” on random people!!!!!
4. Be aware of local laws that may be relevant to your plan to walk – this is true internationally!