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San Diego, California

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9th Annual VCFSEF Conference

August 1st – 3rd, 2003

Online Registration

This year, for your convenience, the VCFS Educational Foundation, Inc has online registration and payment of registration by credit card using PayPal.

If you are not a PayPal member, and you choose to use your credit card for registration, you will be prompted to enter your information for a FREE PayPal membership. This is the only way we can accept credit card payments. However, it also allows us to accept registrations from 37 countries and avoid the international funds conversion problems.

If you wish to pay for you conference registration using a credit card or electronic check, please follow these steps:

  1. If you don’t already have one, download and print the conference pre-registration form
  2. Complete the paper registration form in its entirety
  3. Using the buttons below, choose the same options you selected on the paper form ( you will be take to the “shopping cart” with each selection ). AND… you may even pay your annual dues with this form.
  4. Complete the credit card transaction, and print a copy of the confirmation
  5. Mail the completed paper registration form and a copy of your credit card payment confirmation to the Foundation.
  6. See you in San Diego!

Note: This form is for conference fees only — NOT hotel reservations. Hotel reservations must be made separately. See bottom of page.

( works best with Internet Explorer 5.5 or above )

Annual Dues – Single Member


Annual Dues – Family ( 2 or more )


Preregistration, Single Member


Registration, Family – 2 members


Registration, Single NON-MEMBER


Preregistration, Family (2) NON-MEMBERS


Preregistration, Family 3 or more, members


Family Preregistration, 3 or more, NON-MEMBERS


STUDENT Preregistration – Member


Student (NON-MEMBER) Preregistration


Optional Friday Night Dinner, Adult


Optional Friday Night Dinner, Child UNDER 12


VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTIONS of $5.00 are also accepted for the Caitlin Lynch Memorial Fundwhich provides partial scholarships for our annual meeting, and / or the Lipson Memorial Fund, which specifically helps members from Australia to attend our annual meeting.

Optional Contribution:
Caitlin Lynch Memorial Fund


Optional Contribution:

Lipson Memorial Fund


Room Rates at the Hotel for this conference:

  • $109.00 Single or Double Occupancy
  • $119.00 Triple Occupancy
  • $129.00 Quadruple Occupancy
    Applicable tax rate is currently at 10.545%

NOTE: To make your reservations, call 1-800-842-5329 and be *sure* to say “VCFS Educational Foundation Meeting”, ( not just “Foundation meeting” ). YOU CAN ALSO CLICK HERE to make your reservations online.
 Enter group code VELVELA in the appropriate location on the web form.

Thank you.