VCFSEF Pre-Registration Form

9th Annual VCFSEF Conference

August 1st – 3rd, 2003

San Diego Marriott Mission Valley
8757 Rio San Diego Drive
San Diego, CA 92108

  • Conference Starts: Noon, Friday, August 1st
  • Conference Ends: Noon, Sunday, August 3rd

*Very* preliminary Agenda

Some features of this year’s program, with more to come in the weeks ahead:

  • An exciting report on new treatments for psychiatric problems in VCFS.
  • Reports on ADD, ADHD, self-concept, and obsessive compulsive disorder in individuals with VCFS.
  • Social skills in children with VCFS
  • The latest on brain imaging studies and cognitive testing in VCFS.
  • The latest on speech and language disorders and their treatment in VCFS.
  • Some interesting information on the structure of the muscles in the speech mechanism in children with VCFS and how that relates to their speech problems.
  • Central auditory processing testing, what it shows, and the deficits shown by people with VCFS, including recommendations that may help.
  • Some new information on the genes involved in causing VCFS and how that may help us treat the disorder in the near future.
  • Some exciting new outcomes in the treatment of psychiatric disorders in VCFS.
  • Educational strategies in VCFS and how to implement them.
  • Planning for the future of children with VCFS.
  • Advocating for medical insurance for your child.
  • VCFS South of the Border, and some current research happening in Latin America.
  • Speakers from all over the U.S., Europe, Central America, and Israel.

And much more to come.