Possible state scholarships!

Are there scholarships available in your state???

The following information is presented my Foundation member and Lay Council Member, Fred Berg.

Once again we are fast approaching another annual conference for VCFS.  It seems like we just bid a jolly farewell to merry Olde England, and we’ll soon be welcoming San Diego as our host for the 9th Annual Conference for the Velo-Cardio- Facial Syndrome Educational Foundation.

If your household is anything like ours, you are thinking about planning your time, and budgets for the trip to the west coast. I would like to share some information with those who may be looking for some financial assistance to ease the cost burden associated with the conference. The information that I have is specific only for the State of Michigan, but I am sure this would be available in all states, at least it will give you a starting point to forward your request within your individual regions.

What I have found is that to help increase your knowledge of your child’s health condition parent scholarships are awarded to conferences related to a child’s diagnosis, condition or treatment. I initially contacted my county Health Department — they also provide Crippled Children’s coverage where some private insurances fall short.  They in turn directed me to The Parent Participation Program, which is a parent, directed program of the Children’s Special Health Care Service Plan, a division of the Michigan Department of Community Health. Generally all that is required is a letter stating what your child’s condition is, basic information about the conference, costs of lodging, air fare, etc. and a copy of the foundation’s newsletter.  I know in Michigan, the earlier you apply the better the chances.

I truly hope that all states have a similar program. If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail [email protected] .  I hope this information is of some use in defraying some of the costs to enable as many as possible to attend this years conference.

Fred Berg
Lay Member Executive Board