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July 23-25, 2004
Atlanta, GA

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Membership Information

The VCFS Educational Foundation has over 1300 lay and professional members worldwide.   Annual dues are used to produce and distribute educational information and literature to the membership — including a general information packet regarding VCFS, a quarterly (projected) newsletter, the official Foundation web site, and other information as determined by the board of directors and member council — and to address queries regarding VCFS.  Membership dues also help fund the Annual VCFSEF Conference, held each year since 1994.  Membership categories are as follows:

  • Single Membership:  $40
  • Family membership: $50
  • Membership Form
    ( Use page controls to print )

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for membership form.  Click on the icon to download the latest version.

    Note:  In cases of hardship, The Foundation will grant membership without the collecting dues.  If applicable, please check the appropriate box the membership application.

    Optional Contributions of $5.00 are also accepted for each of the Caitlin Lynch Memorial Fund, which provides scholarships for our annual meeting, and/or the Tony Lipson Memorial Fund, which helps members from Australia to attend our annual meetings.

    Please mail your checks or money orders payable to:

    VCFS Educational Foundation, Inc.
    c/o Lisa Jennings
    385 North St
    Weymouth, MA 02191
    Telephone: 781-335-6652

    Your dues are tax deductible, as are any additional donations you choose to make.  Your canceled check will be your receipt, unless you request otherwise.

    If you’d rather pay via credit card, go to Online Dues Payment and we’ll gladly accept your credit card via the Pay Pal system.

    Thank you for helping to fulfill the mission of The Foundation.


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